Rosemary Beach, FL

One of the most beautiful, peaceful places I have ever visited. I will one day vacation here often, but until then I will just visit these photos. If you ever have a chance to visit 30A - don’t pass it up.

XOXO - The Wilsons

Cameron + Amanda | November 19th, 2016

Happy 2nd Anniversary to some of our dear friends and a beautiful couple! We loved being a part of their wedding day - if you see below Andrew was actually in the wedding and I hired an outside second shooter just for this wonderful day.

Cameron + Amanda are a complete joy to be around and their wedding day was just the same. When I walked in Amanda was getting her hair done, while laughing and talking to her precious friends and family. The whole day was full of peace, laughter, and happy tears.

Amanda’s grandpa gave geodes to her grandma throughout their together and so Cameron and Amanda decided to incorporate them into the wedding day - they even smashed a geode together and it was amazing.

As you can see below this wedding was completely unique and so breathtaking. Ethridge Farm Bed and Breakfast was the perfect backdrop to this day. With it’s orange trees, large green canopy, and outdoor deck it was so dreamy and one of a kind.

We really, really love you guys. We are so honored to have played such a big role in your wedding and since you’ve moved we have so missed your presence in our lives. Happy 2nd Anniversary! We pray that these photos bring you back to one of the best days of your life. Hold on to each other tight and keep choosing to love with all you have.

- The Wilsons

Cameron Amanda November 19th 2016-The Wilson s Favorites-0123.jpg

Kameron + Taryn | Engagement Mini Session

Kameron + Taryn | Engagement Mini Session

Meet Kameron and Taryn. They are one of the many couples in the Golden Triangle that were affected by hurricane Harvey. They were scheduled to have their wedding in October but because of the devastation that Harvey left in their cities, families, and homes that is no longer possible. Taryn and her family got through the storm with the clothes off their back and are doing their best to re-build. The stories surrounding their situation is heart-breaking to say the least. Taryn recalled some of the details of the night...

Colin + Hannah | Engagement Session

Meet Colin and Hannah; right after Harvey hit, we were scheduled to be the photographers for their wedding. We weren't sure how it would happen but I decided it might be best for Andrew to head back to Beaumont and for me to take their wedding with a fill in second photographer and an assistant. Their wedding was such a blast, but so was their engagement session we did a few months before the wedding.