Baby Reveal

Back in September I got a call from Brittany asking if I could take some family photos for her. She explained that there would be quite a lot of family there and possibly some pets. I told her it was no big deal and said yes! Four days before our scheduled shoot she texted me saying she needed to talk with me and to call her when I had a chance. Now I am the type of person who gets extremely nervous when you tell them "we need to talk", so I hesitently called her back. She calmly explained that her ultimate plan was to get everyone together for family photos and when they got together for the big group photo her husband Matt was going to say "we're pregnant!" I was so thrilled to be apart of such a fun scheme!

The day of the shoot comes around and everything it's going great! We are taking pictures, the weather is nice, the family is talking and laughing - everything is perfect. So fast forward to the big group photo... Everyone is smiling for the camera but when Matt says "we're pregnant!" nobody believes him because he is such a joker! It was such a delayed reaction with scattered comments like "haha very funny Matt", "you're kidding right?" and they are all still smiling for the camera. Finally the grandma says "ARE YOU SERIOUS?" And Brittany says "Yes, we are really pregnant!" and everyone just burst into laughter and congratulations. It was a beautiful day and a joy to be apart of. I hope you enjoy the photos.