Big Announcement!

Seasons change and so do we... We grow older, wiser, get married, stay single, have babies, travel the world, start new businesses, etc. The biggest change I have faced recently is marriage and after I got married I had to change my name. Nobody tells you that when you get married that it can be very difficult to change your name. I'm talking social security, drivers license, bank accounts, credit cards, etc. That's not all though, suddenly your name has changed after being the same for 20+ years of your life. It's just suddenly NOT your name anymore and so I had a small identity crisis. I clung to my maiden name for a while after I got married, not knowing what I wanted to do with my photography (and also because identity crisis). After two and a half years and lots of thought, I have now come to a conclusion and changed my name to Wilson Photography.

I previously have gone by C. Cameron Photography (I never could think of anything catchy and clever), but I am announcing officially that I have changed my name and I am now legal! It will not be a hobby anymore, but a real job. I am even training my husband to shoot, edit, and pose so that in the future he will be able to book sessions and help me with large weddings. I have an actual domain name, website, blog, and a thriving Instagram (@thewilsonsphotography)!  I am really excited about this change in our lives and looking forward to getting to be a part of such special times in peoples lives. Thank you to all my family, friends, and clients who have encouraged me and supported me in my growth and also this time of change!

In the spirit of "grand openings" I want to give you $20 off your next shoot if you mention this blog post. Looking forward to capturing, sharing, and enjoying life with all of you :)