Welcome to the Family, Baby Bella!

In June, as I was on my way home from a graduation shoot, I saw a photo posted by my best friend's husband. It was a sweet, little, precious, adorable, squishy, baby, puppy. I know that I used like 6 adjectives just now, but really... this puppy is worth at least 6 more adjectives. I honestly didn't want a dog, refused my hubby when he asked, and thought married couples who got dogs before babies were silly. BUT WHEN I SAW THIS PHOTO... IT WAS JUST ALL THE FEELS... I NEEDED THIS PUPPY! This pup had been abandoned in the dog park at their apartment and they temporarily took her in. I got home, texted my hubby, Andrew, and then showed my mom the dog photo. After going to visit the puppy, Andrew said he felt like we shouldn't keep her right now. But, I didn't want to let go. So I asked my mom politely, "ARE YOU GONNA KEEP HER? YOU HAVE TO KEEP HER!!" In the end, they ended up keeping her and naming her Bella. It seems that having her around has helped stress go down and happiness go up. Puppies bring so much joy and I just wanted to share our little, bouncy, happy-go-lucky puppy with you all. Enjoy!


p.s. I couldn't help but add some photos of my precious mom and hunky Andrew! :)