Throwback 90's Shoot | Downtown Beaumont


I'm sorry (not sorry) for this amazing 90's shoot and this blog overloaded with photos from our time with these three lovely ladies. I love this cute group of friends so much! I am friends with Amaris and I asked if her and her friends would want to do a 90's themed shoot. She texted them and soon they were all in!

They were so excited and creative and I was so excited that they put together their own outfits! We pulled up to their car and they were all fixing each others hair and putting on lipstick and nail polish. 

Many times girls can be so ugly to each other so it's so nice to see a good group of girls who are rooting for each other. The whole shoot they would encourage each other saying "OH MY GOSH YOU LOOK SO GOOD!" or "DON'T YOU LOVE HER OUTFIT" or "SHE HAS THE CUTEST SMILE"!

Lindsay with her gorgeous dark hair and shining eyes has a sweet, humble spirit. Joya with her intense smile (and joy) that lights up people wherever she goes. Amaris who is so loyal, kind, and always laughing. You girls are beautiful, one of a kind, and enough. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

It was a wonderful time of fun and I feel really lucky for knowing these girls. Thank you for being so willing and sweet. Stay kind to each other - it will be so very important as you grow. Community and friendship is sometimes a sacrifice but one of the most valuable things. Always love, forgive, encourage, and make time for each other. Love you all!