Baby Bella's Second Birthday


              Our sweet rescue puppy - "Baby" Bella turned 2 today (well this is at least around the time we think she was born)! She's our sweet precious little princess and even though we have a new little rescue, Jaxson, we knew we had to make this day special.

              Last year I wrote this about her, "She has the best personality and she is my little best friend. Bells always cheers me up when life gets rough. God knew what he was doing when he made animals... especially dogs. They just get you. They need you and you need them. Thank you Jesus for Bella this past year... She has kept me smiling and kept me sane. We didn't rescue her... she rescued us."

              Another year same sentiment... Thank you God for this puppy. And if you weren't sure before we have definitely turned into those people that buy their doggies birthday balloons, birthday treats, birthday presents, and birthday photoshoots.

You can see the evidence of our obsession below... and check out the cute video we made :)

Happy Birthday Bella bear!