Kameron + Taryn | Engagement Mini Session

Kameron + Taryn | Engagement Mini Session

Meet Kameron and Taryn. They are one of the many couples in the Golden Triangle that were affected by hurricane Harvey. They were scheduled to have their wedding in October but because of the devastation that Harvey left in their cities, families, and homes that is no longer possible. Taryn and her family got through the storm with the clothes off their back and are doing their best to re-build. The stories surrounding their situation is heart-breaking to say the least. Taryn recalled some of the details of the night...

Baby Bella's Second Birthday

Baby Bella's Second Birthday

Last year I wrote this about her, "She has the best personality and she is my little best friend. Bells always cheers me up with life gets rough. God knew what he was doing when he made animals... especially dogs. They just get you. They need you and you need them. Thank you Jesus for Bella this past year... She has kept me smiling and kept me sane. We didn't rescue her... she rescued us."

The Delay's | Family Portraits

This family is one that will always be near and dear to me. Ben and I were friends back in 2009 and in 2011 when he met his lady Tya we all knew she was the one!

2011 was my breakout year with my photography. I was taking classes at my local community college and looking for anyone who would model for me. So I begged Ben and Tya and they said yes! During that year I had four different photo shoots with them and one was their engagement photos!

Ben and Tya have always been my biggest supporters in photography. I can't think of anyone else (besides my dad) who encouraged and supported my photography as much as they did. They always lifted me up and never tore me down. Both of them consistently told me how I was getting better and growing in photography. They called me their photographer and that made me so proud. I am enternally grateful for their encouragement and motivation. I wouldn't be where I am today without them in my life. That's what a real friend should be. Truthful, encouraging, supportive, and loyal. 

This past December I had to go to Lubbock for my grandmothers surgery. Fortunately, Ben and Tya live only an hour away. It was refreshing to get to see them after several years. I suggested that I take their family photos and so we made a plan. Only now they have added a sweet little boy to their family... Yay Roman! 

Below are some throwback photos to our 2011 shoots and also their 2015 family photos that I am so proud of.

Thank you for letting me be your photographer and friend! 



   Here are some of their engagements!


Here are some of their engagements!

   And below are their 2015 family photos. *SWOON*


And below are their 2015 family photos. *SWOON*

Beaumont, Tx Portrait Photographer

Welcome to the Family, Baby Bella!

In June, as I was on my way home from a graduation shoot, I saw a photo posted by my best friend's husband. It was a sweet, little, precious, adorable, squishy, baby, puppy. I know that I used like 6 adjectives just now, but really... this puppy is worth at least 6 more adjectives. I honestly didn't want a dog, refused my hubby when he asked, and thought married couples who got dogs before babies were silly. BUT WHEN I SAW THIS PHOTO... IT WAS JUST ALL THE FEELS... I NEEDED THIS PUPPY! This pup had been abandoned in the dog park at their apartment and they temporarily took her in. I got home, texted my hubby, Andrew, and then showed my mom the dog photo. After going to visit the puppy, Andrew said he felt like we shouldn't keep her right now. But, I didn't want to let go. So I asked my mom politely, "ARE YOU GONNA KEEP HER? YOU HAVE TO KEEP HER!!" In the end, they ended up keeping her and naming her Bella. It seems that having her around has helped stress go down and happiness go up. Puppies bring so much joy and I just wanted to share our little, bouncy, happy-go-lucky puppy with you all. Enjoy!


p.s. I couldn't help but add some photos of my precious mom and hunky Andrew! :)