Birthday Giveaway!

My birthday was almost a month ago now. I didn't do anything really because I was traveling home from Lubbock, Tx after my grandmothers surgery. One thing I did do is two photo shoots -one the day of and one the actual day of my birth! This is the second year in a row that I have done a free shoot on my birthday and I really enjoyed it.

So instead of getting gifts for my birthday I want to give a gift. In honor of my birthday I would like to give away a free photo shoot to someone who deserves it and hasn't ever had a photo shoot (or hasn't had one in a long time).

Nominate someone in the comments or message me on Facebook with a story/reason that they really deserve a free shoot. 

Here is the shoot I did on my actual birthday of my super cute, sister-in-love who's about to have my FIRST NEICE EVER! I'M SO EXCITED. It was a dreary, rainy sort of day but we had fun taking them and laughing at little Jack.

XOXO - Caitlyn