Caleb + Kim

a romantic church wedding | beaumont, tx

We met Caleb and Kim a few years ago through our mutual friend Faith. From the moment we met them we loved them. Kim is quieter and more introspective and Caleb is the opposite... he knows someone every where he goes (can I get an amen from my extroverts?). The thing that stands out about them is their kind hearts. They are ALWAYS loving and serving people. 

Their special day started early and trying to get ready for a two o'clock wedding can be so difficult (I know from personal experience... I was late to my own wedding... I can LOL about it now). The guys were so excited and energetic. You could tell Caleb was nervous and Kim was too. This was the first day of the rest of their life and no matter what happens -  it would be perfect because they are together!

After a beautiful ceremony, a quick kiss, and sweet private communion they strolled back down the aisle together - ALL SMILES. 

The reception buzzed with excitement and happiness. The host played a game called Who Wears The Cake. The object of the game is to get the most money given to you (bride or groom) and whoever gets the least money literally 'WEARS THE CAKE'. Caleb was a good sport when he lost... :) 

After their beautiful grand exit they kept the celebration going with an additional family reception. It was full of love and laughter and dancing and food (lots of delicious food). 

When they look back on this day - I know that they will remember it with fondess. So many memories were made, so many laughs were shared, and so many people celebrated them and their new lives and love. 

We wish and pray for all the happiness in the world for you - The Buxie's. 


The Wilson's