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Tanner + Logan

Tanner + Logan


We can NOT say enough about how completely wonderful and nice (SO NICE!) Tanner and Logan are! The beginning of this day was total and complete excitement for me.  As soon as the cameras and equipment were ready we drove to Onstage so Caitlyn could get capture the hair & make-up of Logan and her bridesmaids, but since it was a smaller space I sat in the car in anticipation of what was to come once we got to the church for the ceremony. This church ceremony was absolutely stunning, and the joy between the two families together for this union was felt in every smile.

Silence fell moments before the procession began...

Cody + Beka // Engagement

Cody + Beka // Engagement

Romantic Downtown Beaumont Engagement Session

Cody and Beka were the most amazing to hang out with and photograph. I enjoy my time with them so very much and I cannot wait to photograph their wedding in October...

Yay! Class of 2016!

Yay! Class of 2016!

Congratulations Wilson Photography
Seniors of 2016! 

YOU GUYS. I got to work with some of the best seniors this year. They were so pretty (or handsome), super smart, funny (Gavin's jokes were the best), and just amazing to work with. I am just so happy for all of them! Here's a few photos from each of their shoots. 

Birthday Giveaway!

My birthday was almost a month ago now. I didn't do anything really because I was traveling home from Lubbock, Tx after my grandmothers surgery. One thing I did do is two photo shoots -one the day of and one the actual day of my birth! This is the second year in a row that I have done a free shoot on my birthday and I really enjoyed it.

So instead of getting gifts for my birthday I want to give a gift. In honor of my birthday I would like to give away a free photo shoot to someone who deserves it and hasn't ever had a photo shoot (or hasn't had one in a long time).

Nominate someone in the comments or message me on Facebook with a story/reason that they really deserve a free shoot. 

Here is the shoot I did on my actual birthday of my super cute, sister-in-love who's about to have my FIRST NEICE EVER! I'M SO EXCITED. It was a dreary, rainy sort of day but we had fun taking them and laughing at little Jack.

XOXO - Caitlyn