Tanner + Logan


We can NOT say enough about how completely wonderful and nice (SO NICE!) Tanner and Logan are! The beginning of this day was total and complete excitement for me.  As soon as the cameras and equipment were ready we drove to Onstage so Caitlyn could get capture the hair & make-up of Logan and her bridesmaids, but since it was a smaller space I sat in the car in anticipation of what was to come once we got to the church for the ceremony. This church ceremony was absolutely stunning, and the joy between the two families together for this union was felt in every smile.

Silence fell moments before the procession began as a large number of family and friends gathered for what would be such a sweet and intimate ceremony. After choice words from the officiant, personal vows, prayer from family, a beautiful song, and a unity candle. THEY KISSED!

Of course the rest of the evening was filled with joy, such blissful joy! There was dancing, there was cake, there was kissing, and more dancing. Hearts were light, and full. There were tears shed on this day from friends and family, but only as they realized the depth of what months (and most likely years) of anticipation and planning had birthed. Logan and Tanner were finally ONE.

May God truly bless them in every way imaginable.

- Andrew


Kelsey Conner Designs - Bouquets + Florals + Flower Crowns
Rockin A Cafe - Reception Venue + Catering
H. Noelle Bridal Boutique - Dress
Haley @ Onstage Hair Design - Bridal Hair
Mark Young - Wedding Cake
Candlelight Studios - Videographer